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Top Three Things

Dear You,

How's your Summer? Here it's been bliss, time to relax and enjoy time outdoors with the great weather. Our few weeks off from the day job passed at a leisurely pace and it was good to have down time. Time to think, reflect and appreciate the simple things around us all.

We often share, as a family, our top three things. This could be our top three things; of a trip, of the week, of the year or of the day. It's a lovely way to encourage chat around the dinner table.

Here's my Top Three Things of my time off work during Summer...

  1. My morning coffee outdoors, enjoying nature, birds singing, sun shining, no rushing.

  2. Family time, just being together, connecting and enjoying days together.

  3. Writing letters to new friends and receiving beautiful letters and postcards.

A great way to save your top three things is in a daily journal, it is lovely to look back on. I journal on and off throughout the year, I always journal on holiday most likely as I have more time to myself. I'd love to journal every day, like my daughter. She is 9 years old and she has been using 'Happyself Journal' for a few years now. It's a great habit which promotes happiness and nurtures enquiring minds. Great for that growth mindset we love to encourage in children.

Happyself Journal have just released a grown up version of the journal and this month they have gifted one as a giveaway for a lucky PostCircle member! You can find out more about the Grown Up Journal here. But I can confirm it looks amazing (and it's yellow!). There is a daily quote or affirmation to help you feel positive and resilient, a space for sharing your top three things and plenty of space for free journaling or doodling.

How can you win this I hear you ask?! It's simple just share your Top Three Things of the day / week / holiday / year (you choose) and share them on a Instagram Post or Instagram Story and tag @postcircle and @happyselfjournal and remember to include which PostCircle Circle you are in too. Don't worry if you don't use Instagram you can enter by emailing your top three things to

The giveaway will be open until Thursday 12th of August and the winner chosen at random on Friday 13th of August. Good Luck! (Giveaway is open to PostCircle members only, if you are on the waiting list for a Circle just send me your name with your entry so you can be verified).

Happy Writing,

Annee x

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