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Dear You,

You are looking great today! What's new with you?...

Simply talking to someone, asking how they are, giving them some of your time, that is being kind... opening the door for someone, carrying someone's shopping, making someone a cup of tea, smiling to a stranger... that is also being kind. Sending someone a surprise gift, leaving some cash at the till at your favourite coffee shop so that the next customer gets a free coffee, is a wonderful act of kindess.

There are many many ways that you can be kind, they can be really small gestures, such as a smile or a huge gesture in the form of a gift. But every single act of kindness is beautiful. I bet you are being kind every single day but you don't stop to think about it, humans are naturally kind.

I've been reading about kindness and what it does to our well being and it really is mind blowing, I won't go into the whole scientific details but if you are interested in finding out more then check out Dr David Hamilton. The best thing about being kind is that it is contagious, often when we are kind to someone they feel elevated and happy which in turn makes them be kinder to others... the ripple effect.

My latest act of kindness was to leave a box of treats in the staff area in the office for all the team to enjoy. I didn't tell anyone that I had done it as I wasn't looking for thanks, I just wanted the team to have a treat.

Have you been kind lately? Has someone been kind to you? We'd love to hear your stories, you can post here in the comments or share your story on Instagram and tag us or you can email us. We'd also love to share your stories to inspire others.

This month in our newsletter we've teamed up with The Happy News, which is a beautiful newspaper published quarterly and it is filled from start to finish with good news, uplifting stories and you are guaranteed to feel inspired after reading each copy! We have a copy to giveaway to three lucky PostCircle members. We'll choose three lucky members from the ones who submit some happy / kindness news to us. Winners will be chosen on 18th October so do send in your news / stories by 16th of October.

Have a wonderful day!

Annee x

Yummy treats for my work friends.

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