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Have fun!

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Dear You,

This year is flying by. The dark nights will soon be here, so let's make the most of the light nights with this little letter scavenger hunt idea.

Choose a penpal who will be up to the challenge. Set each other a list of things to find in their own village / town, they take a photo of the item and send back in the next letter.

Some examples of things to find on the scavenger hunt could be:

  • statue in the village / town

  • church in village / town

  • a cute dog on a walk

  • blooming flower

  • cute house

  • favourite view in the village / town

  • your favourite thing about where you live

This is a great challenge to get you out and about and appreciating where you live and also gives your penpal an insight into your local area as you get to know each other.

Do you have any letter games / puzzles / quizzes that you enjoy sharing with your penpals? Pop them in the comment box below.

Happy Writing,

Annee x

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