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Letter Writing Tips

Dear You,

Happy Sunday, have you had a great weekend? I hope it's been filled with laughter and fun. I wanted to share some letter writing tips, some members new to penpalling were curious on how to get started.

First things first, set aside some time to write, get comfy and get a cuppa, letter writing is therapeutic and rewarding so enjoy your time writing to your new friends. You can keep it simple to start off with, a cute postcard introducing yourself or you can write a longer letter. Share your hobbies, your favourite things, you could write about where you live, what you can see from your window. Remember to ask questions too, so that you can get to know your new friends.

Other ideas include sharing a favourite recipe and what you love about cooking it. Cut out snippets from your favourite magazine to share. Are you an avid reader? Share your current read and your favourite / worse reads. Maybe you love movies, share your favourite film and what you last saw on the big screen.

There are no set rules on letter writing, just be you. YOU are amazing, every single one of you are so interesting and unique, you / we all have our own story to share and we can't wait to read about it in your letters.

Do you have any tips to share? Add them in the comments box if you do.

Happy Writing,

Annee x

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