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Save your stamps

Dear You,

It is so good to receive your letters, I save them all however I carefully cut around the stamps (leaving some of the postmark in) and I pop them in an prepaid envelope. Once I've filled that envelope I seal it and pop it in the post to RNIB.

By collecting stamps we're helping to break down the barriers that stop people with sight loss living life to the full. RNIB accept all stamps: new or used, first or second class, foreign, first day covers, presentation packs or albums. Stamps are sold by weight and RNIB raise £20 per kilogramme of stamps, so it's a brilliant way to raise money.

You can click this link and RNIB will send you a prepaid envelope or box to pop your stamps in to. I can't believe it's so simple to support this amazing charity. It is a charity close to my heart as many years ago I was losing my sight but thankfully my problems have gone, and I am grateful every day for every single thing I can see.

I do hope you will sign up to support RNIB.

Have a beautiful day,

Much love,


Stamps on letters

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